Welcome to Cirro Social Strategies, a small IT consulting firm that helps companies in the areas of web application design, database architecture, information surfacing and data migration. For more information please contact us at info@cirrosocial.com or by calling us at 415-446-9077.

If you have come to this page because you were trying to see the Sushikon home page, we are not sure why that company has chosen to redirect here except to make you think that we are connected to them. We are not. Our managing partner was a founding investor with Octobachi Mobile Foods, the former Sushikon company, but that relationship ended in October 2016. Please email info@sushikon.us to ask them why they are not showing their page. If you have booked a tour and they have not refunded your money in a timely manner, we suggest you contact the Charleston, SC Police Department to lodge a complaint.

If you have come here because you were trying to see hewittemerson.com we’re not sure why they’re redirecting here either. Tee Hewitt Emerson Fleschner from Hickory, NC owns that page and the Sushikon one and we have no control over where he chooses to redirect his web traffic.

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